We’re going green, join us NOW!

MULTI Waste|Water|Energy is proud to launch its new branding! We have an extensive range of products and services aimed at addressing environmental conservation and preservation of our planets scarce resources. We are proud to introduce our ENERGY brand into the mix. MULTI ENERGY is committed to GREEN renewable energy projects. Our projects are designed to address the need for Botswana to embrace green renewable energy sources and reduce its dependence on coal power stations and importing power from South Africa. Let’s take advantage of the 365 days a year of sunshine! If Scotland can do it, SO CAN WE!

Our Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) projects are all financed, designed, built, operated and transferred by MULTI ENERGY so you can start making a difference TODAY! No need to worry about the capital outlay of your system, we buy it for you! You simply pay less for longer compared to your current power supplier! All that is required to join this GREEN revolution is to contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your energy requirements and we will handle the rest! Our solar energy solutions are targeted at Mines, commercial and industrial applications.

BUT…we also offer solar borehole pumping solutions for off-grid farms and custom off-grid solar solutions for those properties in the bush!

We’re going GREEN! it’s not just a tag line it’s much, much more. We are integrating state of the art agricultural technologies into our DRE projects to maximize land use, create jobs and address food shortages in Botswana. Imagine a solar farm that not only produces GREEN energy but also feeds the nation! Now we are talking GREEN!

We are also tackling Waste-2-Energy! Used cooking oil? Animal fats? Grease trap waste? let’s make the cleanest and most efficient diesel fuel in the market together! our Bio-Diesel Production plant converts waste oil, fats and grease to Diesel!

Why stop there, let’s recycle used motor oil and tires into Diesel in Botswana too! We hope that the above has you salivating at the prospect of your organization joining our GREEN revolution TODAY!

Oh! By the way… we STILL offer all our tried and tested products and services from our WASTE and WATER divisions.

Take a look at our Products and Services by Category:


  • Preventative sewer maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance (water and sewage schemes)
  • Unblocking and desludging sewage infrastructure
  • Grease trap cleaning and maintenance
  • Sewage loads (vacuum tankers)
  • Wash bay oil separator cleaning
  • Civil works (pipelines, booster stations, vacuum stations)
  • Electromechanical services (pumps, electrical controls, irrigation systems)


  • FLOVAC-smart vacuum sewage systems (design, build, operate and transfer)
  • Domestic and Industrial water treatment (RO, UF and media filtration)
  • PlanetDisK- Low energy RBC biological sewage treatment- 10m3/day upwards
  • Sewage recycling for irrigation (Rent-to-Own, finance, design, build, operate and
  • Wash bay water recycling solutions
  • Grey water harvesting systems
  • Water storage solutions
  • Plumbing and pipe fitting


  • Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) projects (finance, design, build, operate
    and transfer)
  • Solar powered greenhouse farming DRE projects
  • Off-grid/grid-tie power solutions (Mines, property developments, camps, remote
  • Solar borehole pumping solutions
  • Green fuel and biodiesel production and distribution
  • Used cooking oil and animal fat collection
  • Used engine oil and lubricant collection
  • Sewage sludge handling solutions